Campaign Activities

To achieve these goals we offer to perform professional mass-castrations free of charge – under the precondition that the listed demands will be followed through politically.

We need a broad lobby supporting our campaign to give it more force, to alert the tourist branch to our cause and to be able to plead our case successfully on the EU level.

Thats why we built this coalition of a great number of animal welfare organizations from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. If you and your organization can support our demands, we ask you to become part of our campaign.

Being part of the campaign implies that the demands listed above will be claimed in Puglia, in Rome and in Brussels (EU) also in your name. You will further be asked to circulate information, petitions and appeals through your mailing list and/or your homepage and to distribute publications on the campaign. Your engagement for the strays can change their fate.

For this purpose the name of your organization, your www address and your logo. Many thanks for your support!

Please be aware that we are a small organizations and do not have an office permanently on call. We spend most of our time on site in southern Italy. We must therefore ask you to be patient if you wish to communicate with us. Please insist on feedback only in important matters so that we will be able to keep our administration on a small level.

Thank you for your understanding.